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NIVUS RAIN for municipalities.

NIVUS RAIN uses a new and innovative technology, supported by artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to predict heavy rainfall events for cities, municipalities and districts - reliable and resilient. Up to 60 minutes earlier than conventional systems. This makes NIVUS RAIN unique. As a result, local authorities now have significantly better opportunities to take protective measures in time and minimise potential damage to people and property. NIVUS RAIN offers high-resolution, street precise forecasts that enable you to react to upcoming hazards and plan protective measures more effectively. The improvement of the data basis through a spatially high-resolution precipitation measurement data also makes it possible to better justify, plan and fulfil measures in the context of urban water management and heavy rain risk management.

This is what NIVUS RAIN can do for local authorities:

Early warning and protection from heavy rain

NIVUS RAIN allows a reliable forecast of heavy rain events up to 60 minutes earlier than conventional systems. This additional warning time is crucial for taking effective actions to minimise potential damage.

High reliability through AI support

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in NIVUS RAIN guarantees a reliable and accurate forecast. This means that local authorities can rely on accurate information in order to react appropriately to impending heavy rainfall events.

Street precise forecast

NIVUS RAIN's high-resolution, street precise forecasts make it possible to identify areas that are particularly at risk from heavy rainfall and monitor them around the clock. This enables specific evacuation and protection of vulnerable locations.

Cost reduction by damage prevention

Early warning and appropriate preparation allows local authorities to prevent significant damage to public facilities such as local public transport and public buildings. The costs of installing, operating and maintaining the system are very low in relation to the potential damage that can be avoided.

Data-based follow-up measures for flood protection

NIVUS RAIN enables authorities to develop data-based follow-up measures for integrated flood protection and implement them. By analysing the data, structural changes can be made to minimise the impact of heavy rainfall on urban infrastructure.

Validation of hydrodynamic models

The data of the NIVUS RAIN system offers the possibility of verifying hydrodynamic models (e.g. precipitation-runoff models based on real spatial data). This enables authorities to improve their existing models and adapt them more precisely to local conditions.

Documentation for insurances

The recording and documentation of heavy rain events by NIVUS RAIN provide an important basis for insurance claims and claims settlement. The precise data can help to improve the accuracy of insurance policies and simplify the claims process.

‘NIVUS RAIN is more than a technological system. For the inhabitants of your city it is a sign of trust. With NIVUS RAIN you not only show your commitment to safety and well-being. You also show that your city is ready to respond to the challenges of climate change proactively. Invest in safety and trust - install NIVUS RAIN.’

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