• Is it just heavy rain?

    Or is it a hazard?

    NIVUS RAIN knows.

NIVUS RAIN protects people and assets. It provides reliable forecasts of heavy rain - to the nearest street. And up to 60 minutes earlier than other warning systems.

The high-resolution and street-level accurate forecast can provide a time lead of up to 60 minutes to get ahead of the situation. This is essential for rescue and emergency services to correctly prioritize impending operations, and for residents and local industry to initiate individual protective measures in time.
  • Mockup - Nivus Rain

‘NIVUS RAIN is unique - because it is the first heavy rain early warning system that gives people and emergency services a real time advantage - up to 60 minutes. This can really save lives and protect assets.’


NIVUS RAIN alerts you anytime, anywhere. Reliable. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

NIVUS RAIN continuously monitors and never takes a break. It provides you with comprehensive information 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. NIVUS RAIN not only generates a high level of data, but also a strong sense of security for all residents in the monitored area, because everyone has access to NIVUS RAIN. The public can receive personalised information on their local situation and react appropriately. Up to 60 minutes in advance. For affected municipalities, this is an essential gain in time when planning the emergency services, but also an opportunity to offer people in endangered areas a real time advantage or a significant improvement in alarms for the first time.
Moodbild - Überschwemmung
Moodbild - Feuerwehr im Einsatz
  • Mockup - Smartphone - NIVUS RAIN

People are looking at us. NIVUS RAIN on television.

Public radio stations (WDR sicherlich nicht bekannt. Es fehlt ein Wort das beschreibt, dass das Thema im Interesse staatlicher Medien ist) have become aware of us. This important topic became part of the reporting, since it is critical for many areas that are threatened by heavy rainfall. This report from Olpe not only clearly shows and describes the function of NIVUS RAIN, but also the installation. You can also hear and see how the Olpe fire brigade's operations management assesses the NIVUS RAIN system. Note: During the development phase of NIVUS RAIN, it had the internal project name "Floodlead" - as can be heard in the article.