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NIVUS RAIN for emergency services.

NIVUS RAIN represents the latest generation of heavy rain alarm systems and was developed to support emergency services such as the fire brigade, police and technical support organisation in saving lives and protecting assets. This innovative technology, based on artificial intelligence, enables cities, municipalities and districts to reliably and resiliently predict heavy rainfall events - up to 60 minutes earlier than conventional systems. This gives NIVUS RAIN a unique positioning. Thanks to this advance warning time, all emergency services involved now have significantly improved opportunities to take protective measures in good time and get ‘ahead of the situation’.

This is what NIVUS RAIN can do for emergency services

Reliable warning for proactive actions

Receive forecasts of heavy rainfall events up to 60 minutes earlier than with conventional systems. Act proactively with this effective database, equip your emergency vehicles and teams in good time, build protective dams and evacuate endangered areas in time.

Alerting and optimised operational planning

Emergency and rescue services as well as authorities are informed in good time and with localised accuracy. Depending on the requirements, the hazard report is sent directly to the responsible person or directly to the control centre via the systems of the existing alarm service providers. In addition, the danger zones can be viewed on the map-based online portal.

The public are informed after registration in a citizen portal. Hazard reports can be sent by defined channels such as phone calls or text messages. All of these digital interfaces are also available for industrial companies. Information channels can be prioritised. This means that emergency services can be informed first. Alarm releases by authorities or emergency services are also possible.

Improved protection of human life and assets

Invest in the protection of your community and the safety of your citizens. React quickly, save lives and minimise damage to property.

Support for various scenarios

No matter whether you need to close off roads, build protective dams or carry out evacuations - the information from NIVUS RAIN supports you in a wide range of operational scenarios.

Avoidance of critical situations

Early and precise warnings reduces a critical situation and allows all emergency services to respond in an organised and coordinated way. Get ahead of the situation and act effectively to minimise danger.

‘Overall, NIVUS RAIN enables fire and police emergency services to get “ahead of the situation” in the event of heavy rainfall. With up to 60 minutes more warning time than conventional systems, they can act proactively, save lives and minimise damage. NIVUS RAIN represents a significant step towards more effective and preventive operational planning to ensure the safety of the citizens and the protection of assets.’

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