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How NIVUS RAIN works.

NIVUS RAIN consists of a network of heavy rain sensors and cloud-based software that analyses the measured data in real time. Precise forecasts are generated in the cloud for individually defined areas and points in a monitoring area. Based on these forecasts, warnings are then sent to the target groups. Depending on the expansion level, NIVUS RAIN allows street precise early warnings to be generated up to 60 minutes before an event occurs. NIVUS RAIN also offers modules for monitoring bodies of water and sewer networks to monitor the effects of heavy rainfall here too.
Users are informed immediately about upcoming events. Emergency services especially receive heavy rain alerts and information on existing alarm and information systems. Industrial companies can also receive notifications in this way. Water company representatives and the general public are informed in the event of a heavy rain alarm via a responsive and mobile-optimised website for their city and, in future, POI-related notifications by text message, phone call and email.

What makes NIVUS RAIN different from other systems?

Heavy rain is a complex environmental phenomenon that is influenced by many variable and continually changing factors. The NIVUS RAIN uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies and a sensor-based system to meet this challenge. Our system is based on a patented AI technology for recognising and forecasting heavy rain cells. The data basis is a sensor measurement network that can predict when and where heavy rain will occur up to 60 minutes in advance. NIVUS RAIN is not only the first real heavy rain early warning system, but also differs significantly from systems that only measure precipitation at individual points.
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Publication in the trade journal ‘Wasserwirtschaft’

Our paper in the magazine "Wasserwirtschaft" takes a closer look at our innovative concept: the use of sensor swarms in small and medium-sized catchment areas and the integration of AI-supported forecasts in addition to conventional precipitation radar systems. Find out how these advanced technologies enable more precise and reliable detection of heavy rainfall events. This can make a significant impact on effective flood forecasting. Read in our paper, how we can better prepare ourselves against the increasing heavy rainfall events and challenges of climate change.

Facts about NIVUS RAIN

  • Who is NIVUS RAIN for?
    NIVUS RAIN was developed for those who need high quality heavy rain early warning for their individual protection goals. It is made for local authorities, emergency services (alternativ: first responder), industry and the public. The needs are very individual. Local authorities need accurate data for the effective protection against the consequences of heavy rain events, while emergency services need to require a better factual basis and reliable decision making aids for managing their operations. Industrail companies must be able to gurantee process reliability even unter environmental influences, whereas citizens want to protect their property in the best way.
  • How do NIVUS RAIN users recive information and alerts?
    Users are informed about impendig events as soon as possible. Alerts and information are provided to Emergency services, one of the most important target group, by existing alarm and informations systems. Industrial companies can recive notifications in this way as well. water company representatives and the public will be notified of heavy rain alerts via a responsive and mobile optimised website for their city. In the future they will also receive POI related information via SMS, phone call and email.
  • Where can NIVUS RAIN be used?
    NIVUS RAIN can be used anywhere in the world where there is a risk of heavy rainfall, because we are not fundamentally dependent on government weather radar data. The availability of communication networks and suitable installation points for the sensors are essential requirements. All of this is checked in our preliminary investigation in the area of an interested treatment facility.
  • When is NIVUS RAIN ready to use?
    NIVUS RAIN is currently in the final test phase, during which some standard processes are still being developed and optimised for efficient implementation. However, NIVUS RAIN is already ready for use by customers and will be made available to the general public in the course of 2024.

    If you are interested today, please call us on (+49) 7262 9191802 or get in touch with sales@nivus-rain.com. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.
  • What does NIVUS RAIN cost?
    The cost of NIVUS RAIN depends on the size of the monitored area: the larger the area, the lower the annual operating costs per square kilometre. We would be happy to provide you with a customised quote.

Contact us now for more information and let's work together for the protection and safety of your community!